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IT services for basketball federations, leagues and clubs helping to
organize competitions, manage basketball information and interact with the fans

Basket hotel
Basket hotel screenshot
Platform for federations and leagues to organize competitions and
present them on multiple web sites


  • Efficient and secure way to communicate inside and outside your sport organization
    • Saves time – system generates schedules and collects statistics for big quantities of games
    • Streamlines process between referees, responsible persons and competition administrators
    • Minimizes efforts – once entered, information is updated on all web sites
    • Publishes information from your system into any 3rd party web site such as news portal
    • Automatically updates schedules, standings and statistics on clubs' web sites
  • Easy integration into your existing web site
  • Does not require technical resources, service runs on our servers
  • Does not require high computer skills
  • Can be launched in 5 days


  • General
    • Fits demands of federations, leagues, clubs, professionals and amateurs
    • Supports multiple languages
    • Internal messaging, notifications by email and SMS
    • Create custom gender and age groups, competence and difficulty levels, etc.
    • Supports multiple users with defined roles – competition and team administrators, referees, nominators, etc.
  • Flexible competition management and coverage in national and regional levels
    • Supports competitions in various age and gender groups
    • Supports national teams
    • Manages team registration for competitions
    • Manages team rosters, injuries and player transfers during season
    • Generates schedules according to the team and league preferences
    • Assigns referees to games according to their competence level and availability
  • Statistics
    • Defines statistics parameters to be used for particular competitions
    • Collects statistics in multiple ways – from SmartStats™ , SMS, web form input
    • Enables fans to follow game statistics in real-time on the Web
    • Comprehensive presentation of player and team statistics